Panch kedar means five kedar the five temples which are located in different places in regions of garhwal himalaya these all temples are dedicated to the god shiva how is panch kedar temples in order like this  kedarnath,madyamahshwar,tungnath rudranath,and kalpeshwar mahadev such beautiful trails which goes  through high altitude meadows jungle where is so many unexplored beauty we can search it by our lenses of camera and full of by flora and fauna we can see several types of animals and flowers the best time is start to do panch kedar after 20th of may because of 2nd kedar madyaheshwar open by late so we can start it by after this date so we could cover all ,panch kedar temple is possible to do from after 18th of may and till first week of october because of tungnath and rudranath temple close soon in month of october  nearly in 15th of october rainy season also best time to do panch  kedar see beautiful flowers and greenery on treks so what we should have when we do panch kedar like waterproof jacket, raincoat,medicine,walking stick,gloves,hot wear,dry food,torch etc panch kedar is right point to start from 1st kedar- kedarnath ji it will be according to direction we do from left to right, first day arriving in gaurikund or somewhere nearby this from haridwar-rishikesh by bus or own car it takes whole day arriving in gaurikund, kedarnath trek distance is now about 17km long after by disaster june2013 because of trek is diverted from rambara market which is completely gone in flood so trek is going right side from rambara along with rock and this trek is made like zigzag in many places before disaster it was continues left side from gaurikund till kedarnath ji now accommodation is available in kedarnath ji that rebuilt by team NIM- nehru mountaineering of institute then we go to 2nd kedar-madyamaheshwar ji after returning from kedaranath ji via ukhimath town which trek starts from vilage of ranshi this village is reachable by car this is small village where we can park car there is temple of goddess rankeshwari mai it can be visited while visiting madyamaheshwar ji this is 16km trek from ranshi to madyamaheshwar from ranshi village we go down for gaundar village which is last village on this direction on the way, then from gaundar village trek goes to up 9km for madyamaheshwar ji like zigzag after kun chatti point its more steep walk when we go through inside dense forrest on the way is possible to find accommodation but these accommodation is simple some are like hut but electricity is nowhere available on trek so shopkeeper having solar lights and food also simple as  we find everything on this veg,rice,chapati,dal even maggi,paratha, 1.5km above from madyamahswar an beautiful place which called buda-madyamashwar this is an big field from where we can find amazing views of chaukhamba peak height is 7000metrs and mandani peak then after returning from madyamaheshwar we go to 3rd kedar-tungnath temple same via ukhimath town tungnath is the highest temple of god shiva this is 3.5km from chopta hill station tungnath trek is  proper wide trek like kedarnath after tungnath can be visited to chandrashila peak that is an summit on this part of tungnath which  distance is 1.5km from temple in winter thousands of people come as tourist from different places of indian state when it covered by heavy snow and enjoy it  we can see all himalayan range even nandadevi range trisul peak nandaghunti peak and many more then we move for 4th kedar- rudranath ji which means anger god there we see god shiva in an anger appearance, rudranath where we go mostly through meadows after panar bugyal (meadows) this is about 20km long trek , trek starts from village of sagar, sagar is located nearby gopeshwar town in dis. chamoli which is winter seat of rudranath ji in winter people of sagar village bring down to god shiva image (rudranath ji) in gopeshwar in gopinath temple for next six months where worship take place for next six months in beginning trek goes through sagar village up to for rudranath ji then through forest reach in pung  bugyal catti- point there is small tea shop where we get tea,lunch after this again we enter in dense forest we go like zigzag up till panar bugyal (meadows) there are rooms available such beautiful place from this place we go for more higher point and feel it high from panar bugyal trek is continues through meadows everywhere green we can enjoy it like lay down on meadow take pictures slowly come up on highest point on rudranath trek which called pitradhar top this is the place dedicated to forefathers people dedicated stone by their name on this place as you see in pictures for peace to their souls pitradhar(top) is highest point on rudranath trek then we go continues down to rudranath ji from this top, this is the point from where we go from one side to other side for downwords till rudranath ji. rudranath temple is located under rock this is powerful god then we come down in sagar village take vehicle and move for 5th kedar to kalpeshwar mahadev which is last kedar in panch kedar we do travel via gopeshwar to chamoli. come in Uragam village from here straight walk till kalpeshwar ji  mahadev about 300metrs walk kalpeshwar is small temple located is under the rock this is easiest trek in panch kedar, it will take about 10to11 days doing in whole panch kedar tour!