deoriatal lake to chandrashila peak trek is an beautiful trek.the forest trails and the summit climb are unmatched from the Khiridhar top If you add to this the wintry, snowy setting, you will never want to leave this piece of heaven three things are really stunning about the deoriatal to chandrashila peak trek (Deoriatal) is a lake located 2.5 km an uphill trek from the village of Sari, on the Ukhimath-sari road in Uttarakhand.

located at altitude 2438 meters, it has heavily wooded, lush green surroundings with snow-covered mountains in the backdrop. You can see the beautiful reflections of kedaranath himalayan range including kedar peak, mandani peak,chukhamba peak in the morning time on the lake To begin the trek we take the section between Deoriatal lake (Rohini) bugyal and Bhrujgali camp near chopta, and it is sometimes stunning to imagine how much variety jungles – meadows in this place. There is dense forest with thickly wooded trees, and rhododendron trees, there are moss-covered trails through enveloping tunnels, and there are trails that weave through clearings in the jungles. And we camp bang in the middle of the forest in a wide open clearing at Rohini (Bugyal) meadow
Ensure that you take enough warm layers and keep your neck and ears covered. If you are interested in the trek from Deoriatal to Chopta, it is an easy trek as Chopta is at altitude of 8,790ft feet.2700metrs It is a 16-kilometer trek and can be done easily in a day.
But we make it beautiful trek for 5-6 days . in which we stay or rove in beautiful place of Deoriatal
Day 1 we went Sari to Deoriatal which distance is 2.5 km,

Day 2: Deoriatal to Rohini Bugyal ,meadows  trek distance is 8 km long. If you are trekking in (winter) Snow Trekking the campsite can get quite windy and moisture There we can see the different type of birds . in the month of March – April we can also see the full of blooming by rhododendron flowers. Its looks so beautiful everywhere red color of the flowers. We make bonfire overnight at rohini bugyal even this trek is good for(wildlife) or bird watching (Birding) so many species of birds like hill partige.koklass pheasant.animals like stag .dear wild pig. indian jackal and many more.

Day 3: Rohini Bugyal to Bhrujgali nearby chopta meadows. The distance make between this is 9 km,
Day 4: Bhrujgali to Tungnath and Chandrashila peak and come back to Bhrujgali meadow. It take the distance of 7 km,
Day 5: we come down back chopta where you can find vehicle for ukhimath or Rishikesh, deoriatal-rohini chandrashila trek 3 days trek per person is 6500/ rupies we start package from deoriatal lake to rohini chandrashila,  2nights in chopta and 1st day we receive to tourist in village of sari the base of deoriatal lake or somewhere nearby this, this trek is now only for three days because of now camping is strictly banned at rohini bugyal by forest department so now we make it three days trek first night camping in deoriatal lake and 2nd day same day straight 16km walk till chopta so two nights in chopta 3rd day trek to chandrashila peak and come down in chopta hillstation for stay so contact to us for deoriatal lake chandrashila peak trek we provide package even arrange vehicle aslo from rishikesh or nearby airport from dehradun WhatsApp +919719875326 or call on 9456108780