Mandani is an beautiful meadow an unexplored beauty where few people do trek Mandani Valley is located in kedarnath wildlife scentuary at the base of Mandani Peak which is in kedarnath himalayan range there is an small temple also which is dedicated to goddess mandani so place called (Mandani Bugyal) (Meadow) also it looks more beautiful during of rainy season in july-august when red flowers grow till knee called in garhwali language kukdi which is an local name mandani trek is not so easy it goes through rough trek for uphills through 3500metrs, vinayak dhar (top) is highest point on the trek from this top  go down for shila samudra where we go through bolders zone till few points on trek we can meet to shepherd who having their goats for grazing  on meadow they live only in rainy season after this they go down to ranshi village trek starts from ranshi village where easily can be reach by bus or car via ukhimath town it takes nine hours drive from rishikesh arrive in ranshi village in rainy season so many herbs grows in this trek which is used as medicine and spices even we can find holy flower brahm kamal, which is dedicated to god shiva in holy month sravan in month of august  ranshi to mandani trek up and down it takes 5to6 days you should be fit for  because of quite hard so through this way is possible to do trek in kedarnath pilgrimage which is more beautiful be cause of we  go through high altitude and through glaciers the called younbook if we do trek to kedarnath pilgrimage through mandani valley then it will take total 7to8 days from ranshi village to kedarnath pilgrimage one side !