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I am Bharat Puspwan bird watching guide living in ukhimath town nearby chopta birding places from where i do operate birding tours independent not connected with any resort in chopta i provide birding tour packages which includes everything accommodation food guide charge even arrange vehicle also from rishikesh or nearby airport in dehradun i have identified to all birding spots in chopta valley and in regions of kedarnath wildlife sanctuary even in Mandal valley which are birding spots and where we can find birds chopta valley tungnath makku farm village makkumath kakragad on bank of mandakini river sari village and surroundings areas of kedarnath wildlife sanctuary are full of by wildlife like rare species of birds himalayan monal scarlet finch snow partridge, kalij pheasant, koklass pheasant yellow rumped honeyguide  and many more other species of birds Chopta tungnath and nearby other areas are come under kedarnath wildlife sanctuary kanchula khark musk deer sanctuary backside of chopta  Mandal valley which are most popular Destinations of birders where habitats birds himalayan monal koklass pheasant.species of finches red headed bullfinch scarlet finch and other rare species of birds kanchula khark.musk deer park is located on old motor route of mandal gopeshwar badrinath where is much density of forest.forest department take entrance fees by every tourist in surroundings areas of kedarnath wildlife Sanctuary by indian this is 150r. and by foreigners 600r this is valid till three days.chopta, tungnath chandrashila peak musk deer sanctuary kanchula khark makku farm and in bank of mandakini river,kakdagaad even pothibasa these are places where i go for birding photography with birders Makku Farm is popular by australian sheep so this place is called Makku Farm even village Makkumath where most possibilities to find rare bird scarlet finch in Winter Birding I suggest birding in chopta countryside areas like sari village chopta makku farm makkumath kakragaad on bank of Mandakini river. pothibasa is located enroute of chopta and on old pilgrimage route to badrinath ji when it was not motor road pilgrims come from kedarnath and walk through this point Pothibasa is old name given by old people actually meaning of Pothibasa pothi mean bird and basa mean live (Home of Birds) the place where lives birds because of that time so many birds found in the area cause of much density of forest and calm so named in that period by old people Pothibasa  and other wild animals also found in chopta valley like black bear,leopard

wild pig indian jackal. yellow throated martin civet cat red fox flying squirrel barking deer chopta hill station is trekking base.entrance of holy shrine of tungnath temple and summit chandrashila peak altitude is 4000metrs on foothills of dev darshani point tungnath chandrashila peak we can find rare species of birds himalayan monal.snow partridge.alpine accentor.altai accentor red fronted rosefinch snow partridge rosy pipit and more  makku farm and in Kakragaad on bank of mandakini river where we can see twany fish owl, yellow rumped honeyguide creasted kingfisher,common kingfisher,brown dipper,golden bush robbin.white caped water redstart kakragad also best spot for birding located at bank of mandakini river so many migration birds also come to here from other states and i captured them while of bird watching asian paradise flycatcher common sandpiper common coot mallard great cormmorant because of river they find fish to eat and density of forest also all pictures of birds added down on gallery which captured by me in order you can visit on them. it takes 8 hours drive arriving in Chopta valley from rishikesh so if you are planning for birding trip in Chopta valley and in surroundings areas of kedarnath wildlife sanctuary so contact to me directly through WhatsApp +919719875326 or call on 9456108780!